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Federal Aviation Administrative LAANC Update

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) just released a schedule for nationwide expansion of the Low Altitude Airspace Notification Capability (LAANC) Program. This expansion will begin in April, with new regions coming online in subsequent months. Here is the schedule: […]

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Documenting a Historic Icon

Jon W. Adams, Director of Architectural & Heritage Services ::::

In late September 2016, I had the opportunity to put my UAS drone pilot certification to use on an exciting project on behalf of DJS Associates: The comprehensive documentation of a historic icon, the Ferryboat Binghamton. Working with RGA, Inc., DJS was contracted to collect critical measurement information, in order to help satisfy proper documentation protocols for sites that appear on the National Register of Historic Places. The Binghamton had been closed for several years after experiencing a second life as a popular floating restaurant on the edge of the Hudson River in Edgewater, New Jersey. […]

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FAA, Not State and Local Governments, Rule the Airspace for Drones

Jon W. Adams, Director of Architectural & Heritage Services ::::

On September 21, 2017, a federal judge overturned a city ordinance in Newton, Massachusetts, which required all drones to be registered, bans drones below 400ft above ground level without property owner permission, and prohibits flights beyond the visual line of sight of the operator.
If these rules […]

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3D Scanning Utilized to Help Local Custom Body Shop

Jon W. Adams, Director of Architectural and Heritage Services ::::

DJS Associates was retained by Mike Snyder of Exotic Customs, Inc., a custom body shop located in nearby West Chester, PA to digitize a hand-fabricated prototype for a custom automotive grill. This digitization will provide Exotic Customs the ability to precisely refine the part as they […]

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Did You Know: 3D Scans Improve Workflow

Creating something from scratch can often be a time-intense and difficult task, particularly when a deadline is involved. DJS recently teamed with a local artist to help jump start a project under a tight deadline.

In this case, the artist was tasked with producing a sculpture, in the likeness of a person of interest who […]

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Tech Tip: Display Options for 3D Laser Scan Data

One of the important variables in collecting 3D laser scan data is the consideration of display options. Really? Display options? As in, how the data is presented? Yes! While display options are ultimately cosmetic, understanding the options at the outset of a project can have a significant effect on both how 3D laser scan data […]

Summary: 2015 Inaugural Drone World Expo

On November 17th and 18th, 2015, Jon W. Adams, with DJS Associates, Inc., attended the inaugural Drone World Expo (DWE) conference in San Jose, CA. Chief among the topics at DWE were discussions surrounding the proposed system for UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) Traffic Management (UTM). The goal of this UTM is to effectively and efficiently […]

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3D Laser Scanning/BIM Documentation: Commercial Building

DJS Associates recently completed a 3D Laser Scanning/BIM (Building Information Modeling) documentation project for Foulger-Pratt Development in Washington, DC.

In just one day, 1.9 million unique measurements were collected as part the 3D laser scanning process. 78 scan positions were used, including ground-level scans around the exterior, and roof-level scans. BIM modeling was […]

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My Summary of the SPAR 2015 Conference

Last week I attended the SPAR 2015 conference in Houston, TX. SPAR International is a conference & exhibition focused on end-to-end business and technology considerations for 3D measurement and imaging for industrial facilities; building, architecture and construction; forensic and security.

Below is a brief summary of the conference.


Market studies from ARC Advisory Group are showing that […]

Digitally Preserving A Historical Philadelphia Landmark


The Friends of Mount Moriah Cemetery and DJS Associates have also partnered with CyArk, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the digital preservation of cultural heritage, adding this new 3D laser scanning data to its large archive of cultural heritage sites.

We sincerely hope that this important Philadelphia landmark can be saved, so that it can be […]